Marvellous Cookies & Cream Muffin Mix
The Bottled Baking Company

Marvellous Cookies & Cream Muffin Mix

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Why We Love It:
      • With chunks of oreo cookie and creamy white chocolate pieces, these beautiful muffins are an indulgent treat, perfect for sharing with family and friends!
      • The Bottled Baking Co includes everything you will need to make these delicious treats within their signature glass bottle
      • Perfectly bottled in Yorkshire, this kit contains all you need to make between 8 and 12 muffins (depending on size), simply add 100g of unsalted butter, 2 Large Eggs and 200ml of Milk to bake your masterpieces!

What You Need To Know:
    • 1 x The Bottled Baking Co. Marvellous Cookies & Cream Muffin Mix 595g
    • Contains all of the dry ingredients you need in order to bake beautiful Cookies & Cream Muffins
    • Baking instructions are included on the bottle's tag